Saturday, 29 March 2014

Buying Tobacco Leaf ... Should You Be Worried?

Well, in a word ... NO!

Why should you be worried? Buying wholeleaf is 100% legal and there  is no duty or vat on it. What you do with it is up to you ... whether that be 1 kg of it or 10kg or virtually any amount when it comes to it.

You could sell it on ... again prefectly legal to do so. You could give it away, you could turn it into snuff or e-cig oil, you could turn it into pot-pourri, you could make perfume out of it .... the list goes on and on. None of this is the concern of HMRC.

Why is this? Well, despite all the rumours and myths there is NO HMRC laws and regs pertaining to the selling and purchasing wholeleaf tobacco. Got that? ...NONE!

Should they turn up (pigs might fly) on your doorstep asking questions about any purchases you've made .... simply ignore them . l wouldn't even open the door to them. They need a warrant to enter your premises and believe me they almost certainly won't have one! They rely on you consenting by saying such things as 'We need to ....' or 'Wed like to ...' blah blah blah. Their needs and likes are NONE of your concern..

Now should you process any of this wholeleaf into smoking tobacco then you are liable for Duty on this. lt is then up to you to inform HMRC that you owe them Duty. The thing is there seems to be no policy on when or how to do this. lf you make just 50g of smoking tobacco should you do it then? Maybe you only made half a dozen cigarettes ... should you do it then? Of course, commonsense tells you they haven't the manpower to check up on anyone buying wholeleaf and apart from that it just isn't practical or more to the point ... affordable.

As it stands, it;'s all academic anyway. We've been trying to talk to them for over 6 months on the issue of wholeleaf and they just will not respond! You can no longer just walk into one of their Customer Service Centres because they closed them all down! They've retired behind behind a wall of beaurocracy .... no direct e-mail addreses, no direct phone numbers ... just a helpline where the people manning them know bloody nothing! Sounds like Border Force doesn't it? ... well, it is just like that!

Wholeleaf Companies

We are going to do a report, survey on Wholeleaf Companies for you. There's some good ones and some that are not so good. There is one that wants your bank details, passport/driving licence, utility bills etc .... l kid you not! Anyone that deals with these needs their head testing in our opinion.

There is a company that is about to start trading from the EU. They say they will be doing smaller wholesale amounts than the usual 1000kg requirements. Some are a lower amount of 200kg but this still way too much for the home buyer. They've said they'll do 10-20kg upwards so it'll be interesting to see what they come up with.

ln the meantime we thoroughly recommend TL4U for your wholeleaf requirements and Rauchermann for your shredders. We'll add to our recommended list as we get them and should you be a Wholeleaf Company reading this ... contact us with who you are and we'll add you ... at our discretion of course! :)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

N2D Social Club Minibus now 'retired' ... with full honours.

We've now retired the N2D minibus from the Hull/Zeebrugge trips. We bought her in the summer of 2011 and then fitted her out with all the mod cons ... pride of which is the sound system . Then we added her 'colours' ... the smoking skulls (l'll add some pics later) along with various other rebel stickers such as the very large 'No Fear' stickers across the back doors. We announced to the then UKBA that we were going to do the baccy/alcohol runs from Hull to Zeebrugge. We even put up photos of our minibus on N2D website. This all was a direct challenge to UKBA (Border Force).

We've done 3 x 6 month 2 for 1 seasons along with a Eurotunnel trip. How many trips there have been in total is something l'd have to look up but needles to say ... there have been many. Our final trip ended today. Our passengers in all our trips have disregarded the guidelines with very few exceptions. The N2D minibus record is as follows :-

She has never been stopped and searched despite Border Force (UKBA) knowing her identity and for what purpose she was making the trips! Even today whilst waiting in line for passport control, the officers walking down the line looking in peoples vehicles avoided N2D minibus!

Further to this, not one of N2D's minibus many many passengers have had anything seized (passengers must disembark as foot passengers). Too be fair, we've abused the foot passenger ruling on numerous occassions too ...  with everbody disembarking with the minibus.

So, thanks to each and everyone of you who travelled with us at one time or another. You chose to stand up and counted and should be proud of yourselves. The N2D minibus was proud to have you but with that she is now retiring from active service ... with her honour intact!

We may see you ourselves on future trips but if we don't ... thanks, it's been fun!

lt was also fun when taking such as the Normandy Veterans, Submariners etc to many functions within the UK. We did this at cost to give something back to the ex-servicemen. l have to say that the Submariners are the craziest bunch l've ever come across ... and most of them are in their 70's and 80's.

There's also been trips top Rock Concerts, Rugby matches, shopping days etc etc for people of our community and it's always been at cost.

lt's been one hell of a ride ... laughter, music, drinking and yes, smoking have been the core of all the trips. You can smoke on our bus ... how's that for service? :) Alas, we have to move on :(

As l say, l'll put up some pics and if you see her on your travels ... touch your forelock to her ... she deserves it!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Smokers Happy Budget Day

Sounds strange doesn't it? ... 'Smokers Happy Budget Day' but for me it is. l've not bought any UK tobacco or cigarettes for over 20 years or so. All mine have been bought from the EU ... all duty paid but the UK Treasury gets sweet fa. l'm certainly not alone in doing this and despite the unethical tactics used by Border Force/UKBA/HMRC many thousands of people do exactly the same as me. That's many millions of pounds that the UK Treasury doesn't get it's  sweaty mitts on. What's more, people like me are invisible as smokers ... they've no way of counting us because they certainly can't use retail sales in the UK to get a figure. Most they can do is guess.

So yeah, let them put up the price of tobacco and cigarettes. Let them pontificate upon the effect this will have on smokers. Let them standardise the packaging, cover the packets with stupid images ... l couldn't care less! God knows how much money l've saved over the years by buying my smokes from the EU but it'll be a sizeable sum ... all money that l've spent on other pleasures in life.

We've taught many how to deal with Border Force in regards to briniging their own tobacco back into the UK. We even have a minibus that we take trips to purchase tobacco. Alas, that is to be no more ... we are now bringing that to close. There will be no more trips as we no longer have the time to do it. lt's been fun but that era has come to an end for us. The minibus is to be put up for sale along with it's ear deafening sound system and it's proud history. We'll miss her but l doubt Border Force will have the same sentiments :)

Oh, one more thing ... our alcohol come from the EU too. Happy Budget Day!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

1,000,000 Baby! ... Yeah!

Today our blog passed 1,000,000 pageviews. Remind me, what did Simon Clark once say about us? :)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Are You An Outlaw Yet?

When Nelson Mandela died, the high and mighty were not slow to try and grab hold of his coat tails in the hope it no doubt it would enhance their standing in the world. They fawned over his quotes and speeches but paid little heed to this one, did they?

One can understand why given it's they who have denied so many the right to live their life they want to. ln our case here in the UK it's been all 3 parties ... Labour, Lib Dems and Cons. lt's been never ending for years and still continues to this day ... and will be tomorrow, the day after that ... there's no end in sight. 

So, do you change the life you want to live or do you live it the way you want? 

We chose the latter ... what have you chosen?

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

We're leaving ....

... very shortly for our annual Rock n Blues weekend. Preparation is everything and we do take it seriously ... as you can see below. The big boy is a 3 Litre ... nice!

What you see is mine and Zaphod's ... the  rest of the crew take their own. Before you ask ... of course the hip flasks are full ... why wouldn't they be? Wonder what the health fascists would make of this lot? Maybe they'd think it's for the year? They'd be wrong ... it's for Fri lunch to Mon morning :). When we party ... we party!

We'll be meeting up with old friends and other crews. We'll no doubt have more friends by the end of it ... we always do!

plus many many more!

ps. Trivia ... Zoot Money is Zaphod's uncle :)

p.s. lf we don't make it back ... don't say we died ... say we LIVED!

Friday, 10 January 2014

What More Can We Do?

Well, it's 2014 and 2013 has been and gone. We've shown beyond doubt our advice works for cross-border shoppers when stopped by Border Force. This advice is record everything and take a Statement of Truth. You'll find more details here on our forum. On there you'll read our members experiences and advice on using the Statement of Truth and recording. lf you are a cross-border shopper it's a must!

The thing now is, we don't see what more we can do. We've tried our best to get others to spread the word about shoppers rights and how to be treat fairly by Border Force but we've been met by a stoney silence! Believe me, we've tried everyone ... Ferry Companies, Tobacco Companies, Liberty sites etc etc  .... silence! All we've asked for is to put up the basic advice for cross-border shopper's rights ... no links to us, no mention of N2D if they don't want to ... all that is important is the advice.

Then of course there's

The Voice and Friend of the Smoker? ... really? What advice do they have for cross-border shoppers?

They have this!

Yep! ...  FOREST directs cross-border shoppers via a link to HMRC(Border Force)! Some Voice and Friend of the Smoker eh? That's all you'll find about cross-border shoppers ... nothing more. 

FOREST just send you to the 'enemy' ... HMRC(Border Force). Jeez!

On the positive side there is our forum. We've many experienced and knowledgeable members who help one and all who come to our forum. They even help shoppers they meet who are going on trips or those that wish to. We ourselves have seen this forum grow to the point where we are actually no longer needed ... the forum and it's members look after it themselves ... and do a damn fine job too!

Many cases have been won against Border Force ... some before they even get to court. Then there is the many shoppers that have been saved from having their goods seized. We can't take the credit for that ... it's been the forum and it's members!

These are ordinary members of the public who are making a stand against the abuse of our fellow citizens at our own borders. They have the guts to stand up and say 'enough is enough'.  ... and we get results! Many of them, so much so that Border Force target N2D ... albeit unsuccessfully :)

Be part of it ... and make 2014 more successful than 2013. 

Be a Lion ... not a sheep ... and join us!

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